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World Book Day 2021!!!

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The time of year has come! A day where everyone celebrates the greatest characters that were created, printed and read! Children and adults alike will be dressing up as some of their favourite characters , and so ( of course! ) will we!

Evie has chosen to go as Daisy Wells- from Murder Most Unladylike.

Daisy really captured my imagination and made me feel as if it was I who was on the adventure. She is bold, daring and stubborn as a terrier! - but this series really gave me a reason to read.

I enjoyed every book more and more- and when Robin Stevens announced that this was the finale to the series, I was devastated. But at least there has been some promise of a continuation for May and Rose Wong...

Edward has chosen to go as Casper Tock- from Rumblestar.

Casper is a shy, awkward but tidy young boy, and though he may not feel like one, he becomes a hero.

I choose to be Casper Tock from Rumblestar as it is my favourite book. It is the perfect novel.. fantastic characters, super descriptive and it feeds the soul!

We hope you have a really wonderful, book - filled day!!!

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