• Eddie Pugh

Vi Spy: Licence to Chill by Maz Evans

🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 We are bananas about this book!



Her mum's a super spy.

Her dad's a super villain.

And while her parents get divorced, an Evil Overlord will take over the world.

Unless Vi does something about it.

Our Review:

Maz Evans has done it again!!! When I first heard about it, I thought nothing could equal 'Who Let The Gods Out'. Turns out I was wrong! This book equals its predecessor in every way. Good action and all characters weird and wacky ( some with very bad personal hygiene). I would recommend it for kids 8-12 who love fast paced action that makes you laugh out loud. Enjoy!!!

Maz Evans has also, very kindly, done an interview with us! Check it out on our Noteworthy page!


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