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The Adventure Island Series by Helen Moss

🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 We were absolutely bananas about this series!


Scott and Jack Carter are spending the summer in Cornwall when they meet Emily Wild and her playful dog, Drift. Emily and Drift take the boys to see the amazing Whistling Caves - but the caves are strangely silent!

Legend has it this means the castle will be attacked, and when priceless treasures are stolen from the castle museum it seems the legend is true! But how did the thief escape, and why did the caves stop whistling?

( From Book 1, The whistling Caves )

Our review:

Scott and Jack Carter think their holiday in Castle Key will be the most boring holiday ever, but when they get there they find the little town full of mystery and intrigue!

This series is off the hook. By the end of it you are wishing you could meet Emily , Scott and Jack! I especially love Emily, she is brave, feisty and pretty hard-core! I also like that Scott and Jack have quarrels sometimes, because that is definitely what happens with siblings. The plots are absolutely brilliant and Helen always twists the suspicion around to someone you least expect it to be. The four - including Drift! - get caught up in chase scenes, secret societies, cunning villains and stolen croissants ( the culprit usually being Drift ) . I recommend these books to ages 9+ or as a good old family read! There are perilous escapes, cunning deciphering of codes and mostly , there is a warm hearted vibe you get as you read. It just makes you want to snuggle down with the next books!


( Our interview with Helen Moss is on our Noteworthy page, go take a look! )

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