• Evie Dunn

Ten Books For The Perpetually Curious

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

1. Pages & Co. ( Anna James )

2. Pages & Co. 2 ( Anna James )

3. The Strangeworlds Travel Agency ( L.D Lapinski )

4. Wonderscape ( Jennifer Bell )

5. The Train To Impossible Places ( P.G Bell )

6. The Train To Impossible Places 2 ( P.G Bell )

7. The Crooked Sixpence ( Jennifer Bell )

8. The Smoking Hourglass ( Jennifer Bell )

9. The Frozen Telescope ( Jennifer Bell )

10. The Hobbit ( J.R.R Tolkien )

These books are such fun to read, you can travel from place to place and enjoy the ride!!! If you enjoy a good hop around various different countries and realms, then these are for you. They are all a great way to escape normal life and travel around the universe of imagination. For more details on these books, look for our reviews on them, they'll be coming soon if not already out.

Enjoy, and happy reading! Evie

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