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Holding a Book


The Book Review Society is a collection of kids who are passionate about books and want to review them to help other kids (or their parents) find their next read.

It started when Evie Dunn and Edward Pugh had a conversation at school about how much they loved books. They soon discovered that they both had opinions about what they had read. In fact, Evie had already been writing a bunch of reviews on her dad's Amazon account. What if they made a website where they shared their reviews and recommended their favourite books?  And so The Book Review Society was born!

We use a creative way of rating our reviews: bananas! Instead of stars, a five banana review means, 'We're absolutely bananas about this book.' Four means 'We thought this book was cool bananas.' Three: 'We were banana split about this.' Two: 'Not so bananas' and one means, 'Don't peel the pages of this book, because it's one rotten banana!'

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